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My portfolio showcases a handful of my research projects, public conversations, and more. Take a look to get a sense of my skills, experience and approach. To learn more about a specific project, feel free to contact me directly.


Murrell, O. G., Baldwin, A. N., & Brantuo, N. (Eds). Loopholes of Retreat: Standpoints Volume III. Blacksburg: Virginia Tech Publishing. (Forthcoming)

Brantuo, N., & Baldwin, A. N. (Eds.). (2023). Black Feminist Theorizing Toward Futurity: A Standpoints Volume. Blacksburg: Virginia Tech Publishing. DOI:


Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters:

Brantuo, N., Swift, J. A., & Baldwin, A. N., (Forthcoming). Witnessing, Archiving, and Documenting Caribbean Women’s Transtemporal Influence through the Caribbean Feminisms Series. In K. L. Caldwell, T. Fisher, & Hall, K. M. Q. (Eds.), Black Feminisms Beyond Borders: Cultivating Knowledge, Solidarity, and Liberation.

Brantuo, N., (Forthcoming). I rememory you, Zheng Xianjuan. In R. Kuo, J. Swift, & T. D. Tso (Eds.), Black and Asian Feminist Solidarities. Haymarket Press.


Brantuo, N., (2023). Subversive Knowledges and Praxes of Black Immigrants in the United States: Reflections from a Scholar-Advocate. In A. N. Baldwin & Haynes, T. (Eds.), Global Black Feminism: Cross Border Collaboration Through an Ethics of Care. Routledge. DOI: 


Baldwin, A. N., Brown, L. E. C., & Brantuo, N., (2023). Full Participation by Another Name Is This Bridge Called Our Backs. In N. Brantuo & Baldwin, A. N. (Eds.), Black Feminist Decoloniality: Theorizing Towards Futurity. Blacksburg: Virginia Tech Publishing.


Kulesa, J., & Brantuo, N., (2021). Barriers to Decolonizing Educational Global Health Partnerships. BMJ Global Health. DOI:10.1136/bmjgh-2021-006964


Baldwin, A., Brantuo, N., & Pichardo, J., (2020). Black feminisms and pedagogical space-making: Public knowledge and praxis in the contemporary moment. In C. A. Mullen (Ed.), Handbook of Social Justice Interventions in Education. Springer.


Brantuo, N., (2018). Music of my flesh: African music, cultural affirmation, and the production of social space in the diaspora. In M. Clark, L. Azalia, & P. Mnyandu (Eds.), Pan African Spaces: Essays on Black Transnationalism. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.


Brantuo, N., (2017). Targeted: Undocumented Black Immigrants Under Trump. Black Perspectives - African American Intellectual History Society. Retrieved from


Briefs, Reports, and Public Comments

(Forthcoming) Behind Closed Doors: Black Migrants and the Hidden Injustices of US Immigration Courts. Ohio Immigrant Alliance.

Dystopia, Then Deportation: Post-Event Insights and Action Items. Ohio Immigrant Alliance. 


Diaspora Dynamics: An Annotated Bibliography of Black Migrants’ and Immigrants’ Experiences in the U.S. Co-authored with Ilyas Abukar. Ohio Immigrant Alliance.


Public Comment on the Office of Management and Budget’s Race and Ethnicity Statistical Standards (62 FR 58723)


The Transforming African Feminist Funding Ecosystem: A Desk Review. Final Deliverable for the African Women’s Development Fund, along with LemLem - AWDF’s Ten Year Strategic Framework


Public Comment on Homeland Security Department Proposed Rule 85 FR 60526. 


Public Comment on Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau Proposed Rule 85 FR 36264


"No Muslim Ban Policy Brief." Co-authored with D. Raja. Justice for Muslims Collective


"The Need to Re-Authorize Temporary Protected Status for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone." Co-authored with Adiakpan, D., Bennett, K., Scandura, O., and Kassa, A. 



How High on the Hog Celebrates African American Foodways. Amaka Studio. 

Dr. Samantha Ege Is the Music Historian and Pianist Who’s Uncompromising in Her Classical Journey. Amaka Studio. 


Celebrating Black British Nurses and Midwives From Past to Present. Amaka Studio. 


“I could look at the picture for hours”: Catherine Mckinley Speaks on Curating African Women’s Visual History and Joy. Amaka Studio. 


“A Time for Change”: Queer Feminist Organisers on the Fight for LGBTQIA+ Ghanaian Lives and Queering the Fight for Freedom and Justice. Amaka Studio. 


Don’t Let Her Be Misunderstood: Nina Simone’s Legacy as a Revolutionary Composer Across Time and Space. Amaka Studio. 


 “I Imagined the Best and Worst of What That World Could Be. And I Wrote”: Introducing Jennifer Makumbi. Amaka Studio. 


Devaluation Of Black Women’s Lives And Labor Almost Disappeared Brittney Griner. Essence Magazine. 


Terza Lima-Neves on Cabo Verdean Women Writing Themselves into History. Amaka Studio.


 “We're all connected through literature”: A Conversation With Sylvia Arthur, the Founder of the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora. Amaka Studio. 


“Use your voice and speak”: A Call to Action for #AfricansInUkraine from Korrine Sky, Co-Founder of Black Women for Black Lives. Amaka Studio. 


Here’s How Scholar-Activist Dr. Rama Salla Dieng Is Championing Feminist Parenting in African Communities. Amaka Studio. 


Ladies First: How Eno Barony’s Sophomore Album Showcases Women’s Growing Influence on Ghanaian and African Hip Hop Culture. Amaka Studio. 


“It’s Black women that keep me going”, Meet Kafayat Okanlawon, Editor of This is Us: Black British Women and Girls. Amaka Studio. 


Msia Kibona Clark on Hip Hop, Africa and Female Musical Ingenuity. Amaka Studio. 


Leila Aboulela on How Writing Helped  Her Navigate Homesickness. Amaka Studio. 


Centering and Celebrating Us: How Black Women Millennials Are Redefining Success. Amaka Studio. 


Rosie Motene’s Journey To Art, Authorship and Activism. Amaka Studio. 


Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah on the Sex Lives of African Women. Amaka Studio. 


#MarielleVive, Agora e Sempre: Remembering the Socio-Political Impact of Marielle Franco. Ayo Magazine.  


Unspoken Agreements: I’m Helping My Black Immigrant Mother Navigate Unemployment During the COVID-19 Crisis.Ayo Magazine.   


‘Mrs. America’ Misses the Mark in Depicting Black Feminist Impact on Capitol Hill. Ayo Magazine.   

These 12 Black Women Politicians Show What Global Leadership Should Look Like During a Pandemic. Ayo Magazine.   


What I’m Reading: 8 Essential Reads By Black Women On the Immigrant Experience. Ayo Magazine.   


Trump-backed immigration plan targets people who don’t fit his vision of America. The Hill. 


Why Castro was so deeply loved by some, and hated by others. PBS NewsHour. 


The Temporary Protected Status for Guineans, Liberians, and Sierra Leoneans in the U.S. is at Stake—Here's Why You Should Care. OkayAfrica. 


Curated Workshops, Talks, and Panels

Dystopia, Then Deportation, in partnership with the Ohio Immigrant Alliance, Cameroon Advocacy Network, and Mauritanian Network for Human Rights in the US.  


Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention in the African Immigrant Community, Howard University. 


Methodologies in Caribbean Research on Gender and Sexuality: A Conversation with Her Excellency Dr. Halimah DeShong, UN Ambassador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, in partnership with Black Women Radicals and Virginia Tech.


Healing Roots Documentary Premiere Screening and Q&A with Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery and Dr. Andrea N. Baldwin, Moderated by Nana Brantuo.  


Health Equity and Power: Building Transnational Feminist Solidarity, in partnership with Black Women Radicals and the African Women’s Development Fund. 


Curated Event Series 

Caribbean Feminisms – Part Two, Black Women Radicals. 


Caribbean Feminisms – Part One, Black Women Radicals.  


Reading Lists

Caribbean Feminisms: A Reading List. Black Women Radicals.


African Feminist Perspectives Matter: A Reading List. Black Women Radicals. 


Black Feminist Perspectives on COVID-19: A Reading List. Black Women Radicals. (Featured on the #SchomburgSyllabus on Black Feminism. The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture)

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