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About Diaspora Praxis, LLC

Diaspora Praxis LLC, founded and led by Dr. Nana Afua Y. Brantuo, is a distinguished interdisciplinary research consultancy committed to delivering actionable insights and strategic recommendations. Since its establishment in May 2022, Diaspora Praxis has provided comprehensive research, policy analysis, communication, and technical solutions to a diverse range of clients. Specializing in interdisciplinary and mixed methods research and analysis, Dr. Brantuo leverages demographic, socioeconomic, and public sector data to drive evidence-based decision-making processes.


Expertise encompasses a wide array of services, including:

  • Conducting in-depth qualitative research on marginalized communities and protected classes, resulting in valuable publications and insights.

  • Managing and analyzing small to medium-sized datasets to extract meaningful insights for informed decision-making.

  • Crafting various publications such as articles, policy briefs, reports, op-eds, and research papers tailored to academic, policymaker, and public audiences.

  • Facilitating insightful discussions among diverse stakeholders to develop actionable strategies and partnerships.

  • Mentoring and managing junior researchers and assistants to ensure methodological rigor and integrity.


With a proven track record of successful project management and technical product development, Diaspora Praxis has secured substantial research funds from prestigious organizations such as the Four Freedoms Fund and the Ford Foundation. Our collaborations with esteemed partners reflect our commitment to engaging with diverse stakeholders and fostering impactful relationships.


Current partnerships with organizations like the Ohio Immigrant Alliance and academic institutions like the University of Dayton Human Rights Studies Program underscore dedication to ongoing community engagement and collaboration. Additionally, Dr. Brantuo’s role as a University of San Diego Kroc School VIP Lab Non-Residential Fellow highlights her commitment to continuous learning and engagement in cutting-edge research.


Diaspora Praxis LLC is registered with both state and federal authorities and is insured through Hiscox Inc. 

About Nana

I’m an experienced qualitative and mixed methods researcher and advocate specializing in social, cultural, and political dimensions of data. I’m principal investigator and lead author of Behind Closed Doors: Black Migrants and the Hidden Injustices of US Immigration Courts (forthcoming) and a 2024 University of San Diego Kroc School VIP Lab Non-Residential Fellow (2024). My resume is shared below for your convenience. I also share My Portfolio here

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