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I offer a wide array of services tailored to meet diverse needs within the realms of research and reporting, education and training, and beyond. My versatile skill set and unwavering dedication to excellence make me the dependable ally you need to enact positive change and attain your objectives.

Interdisciplinary Research and Analysis

I conduct rigorous interdisciplinary research and evaluations using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. I specialize in interpreting complex data and providing actionable insights for policymakers, non-profit organizations, and grant-making foundations. I apply a multidisciplinary perspective to address complex social issues, incorporating insights from sociology, political science, and public policy into my research and analysis. This approach allows me to provide comprehensive and nuanced analyses. 

 Additionally, I offer expertise in racial justice, gender justice, migrant justice, human rights, and civil rights laws and policies.


Curriculum Development and Instructional Design

I excel in developing effective learning experiences and curriculum for educational institutions. My approach includes implementing differentiated instruction strategies to cater to diverse learner needs, enhancing student engagement, and ensuring academic achievement through pedagogical knowledge.


Training and Education Specialist

 I design and deliver customized training programs for educators and professionals. I provide professional development opportunities to improve student-learner and organizational outcomes all while ensuring high-quality education through evidence-based approaches.


Communication and Writing Services

I craft clear and concise reports, policy briefs, op-eds, desk reviews, proposals, and presentations. I also create engaging content for social media, websites, and various dissemination channels. With my proofreading and editing services, accuracy is paramount.


Project Coordination and Management

I offer project coordination and management services, ensuring precision and adherence to deadlines. My approach involves prioritizing tasks, allocating resources efficiently, and overseeing projects from initiation to completion.


Cultural Competency and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

I navigate diverse contexts with sensitivity and promote DEI in research and policy. I incorporate the perspectives and experiences of marginalized communities and develop DEI strategies tailored to client needs.


Event Planning and Moderation

I plan, organize, and moderate public events, including panel discussions, workshops, and conferences. My expertise lies in facilitating dialogue, raising awareness, and promoting advocacy efforts through these events.


Stakeholder Engagement and Dialogue Facilitation

I specialize in engaging with stakeholders to forge meaningful connections and partnerships. My expertise lies in adeptly facilitating dialogues and discussions that nurture understanding and collaboration, ultimately advancing community outreach and engagement.


Public Speaking and Advocacy

My services encompass impactful public speaking and engagement on a wide range of topics spanning immigration policy, feminist organizing and advocacy, human rights, and more. I am dedicated to advocating for positive change and policy improvements, utilizing my platform to raise awareness and shape decision-making processes.

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